The title of the exhibition from Davor Smoljan is “DECONSTRUCTION”, which explores both political and sociological themes within our global society today from the artist’s point of view. In this exhibit, the artist presents a story and an experience based on the duality of mankind’s need and desire to create while its purest and most instictive road towards evolution seems to be destruction. “We create to destroy and destroy to create.”

Upstairs in our Gallery: solo exhibition by Davor Smoljan

Downstairs group exhibition ‘ART ON PAPER’ by the artists:

The London Police (NL), Wayne Horse (NL), HNRX (AUT), Laser 3.14 (NL), Jorge Pereira (PRT), Flying fortress (DE), Morcky (IT). Bortusk Leer (NL), Super A (NL), Autograph (NL), Zender (NL), Pipsqueak was here!! (NL), Steve Locatelli (BE), SHN (BRASIL)