Dampkring Gallery invites you for the opening of the art exhibition BOND TRULUV #BITS&PIECE$

Saturday 22 October 17.00 till 21.00

Jonas Ihlenfeldt aka Bond Truluv is a graffiti artist & was born and raised in Germany. He has committed himself to examining new ways of composing letters and playing with calligraphy, not excluding the fine arts and graphic design. He experiments with various materials including canvas, video and media installations and combines long exposure photography with additional light-sources (so called ‘light-writing’). The artistic map of Bond TruLuv features murals and exhibitions from his travels all over Europe, Africa and especially Asia.

“Luv letters, luv life, luv yourself and everything around you in equal measure.”
Exhibition till 4 December 2016

DOES and DHM Hugo Mulder – Authenticus

AUTHENTICUS “original, genuine, authentic”
Duo show / Opening Sat 3 Sept 2016 / 1700 – 2100 / Open till 16 Oct

DHM Hugo Mulder and DOES share the same vision on aesthetics and authenticity when it comes to creating their art. Both artists can work on one piece for weeks, taking every detail into account, aiming to create handpainted perfection that shows the love for their craft and the beauty of art. Come and enjoy their new works at this duo show; Authenticus!


summer streetart exhibition. ‘LOVE ALL COLORS’
Opening Saturday July 2nd , 17.00 – 21.00 Exhibition till 28 August 2016

LAC is a Portugese cultural foundation and has an eye for spotting talent.
They have collaborated with many international and famous street artists before their breakthrough.


14 May till 26 June 2016
Beyond Control – PIPSQUEAK WAS HERE!!!

After the greater good, the previous show, the emphasis lies again on the interaction between nature and human kind. The interpretation of the title has multiple options. Besides the incontrollable processes started by multinational corporations to speed up the destruction of our home base, nature has forces beyond control all of its own. Forces that are very similar to the creative process. The works in this show are reactions or interpretations of the world surrounding us and are the result of messing around with paints and stencils. A process of various ideas are getting tangled up in an incontrollable mix of incidents.

PIPSQUEK WAS HERE!!! Is an Amsterdam- Based art duo that has expressed its principles and convictions for over 25 years through bold. Outspoken works- on the streets and in galleries worldwide. In a time of dwindling forests and sprawling concrete developments, PIPSQUEAK makes us aware of the tender relationship that exists between nature and human nature.


26 March till 8 May 2016
Lost in space is Eelco “virus” van den Berg’s second exclusive solo show at the Original Dampkring Gallery. The exhibition is Eelco’s intuitive imaginary world on canvas, driven by his passion for surrealistic pop art and his daily escapes to his studio where he gets ‘lost in space’.

The Dutch multi-disciplinary street artist creates psychedelic landscapes with the unique color palette he developed mostly on the streets of New York. Honored to be named one of NYC’s top 10 street artists, Eelco is not just living the dream but painting it as well.

Eelco “virus” van den Berg (Uden 1974) is a painter, muralist and illustrator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and New York. His bold, award-winning graphic works have been commissioned by numerous brands, including Philips, Senseo and Jack Daniels. He is a guest lecturer of illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academie.


12 dec – 27 jan 2016 / opening reception 12 dec, 17:00 – 21:00

Humans have always felt a desire to express themselves through art, leaving a personal stamp in the public domain for others to interpret and react to.

From the 12th of december, the Original Dampkring Gallery takes us through a wonderful show with 18 artists, consisting of local heros and their esteemed colleagues from all over the world.